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iPhone + Webkit + Digg = Mobile Digging Done Right

Webkit browsers, which the iphone uses will now be able to digg while mobile.

Delta Tang Bravo has more details on their blog:


We just launched a special version of Digg today intended to be browsed on an iPhone. It’s available at but you’ve got to either be on an iPhone, in Webkit, or possibly on a Webkit-enabled device like some of the fancy Nokia phones.

It’s really fun to be developing for the iPhone. First off, it’s a welcome change to be developing for a single rendering engine… and a decent one at that. Plus, you’ve got the run of all of Webkit’s features, including advanced pseudo-selectors, text-overflow ellipsis, and simple rounded corners in CSS. While I do enjoy making bulletproof designs in my normal web design, there’s also some freedom in not having to consider text-resizing, extreme page resizing (you need to support 2 dimensions), and other hurdles when you’re developing for the iPhone. Of course, we’re still following standards pretty strictly, but not having to cope with the lowest common denominator (or even any rendering discrepancy) certainly makes things interesting — and fun!

Even more fun is developing specifically for the user input quirks of the iPhone. When your primary input device is a honkin’ fat finger, it changes the way you think about links and buttons. Everything’s got to be bigger… way bigger. The yellow digg box and Digg It button are about twice as large on the iPhone as on the normal website. I also made the clickable area of the Digg It button even larger than the button itself so if you click on the edge of it, you’ll still get a press. You also have to make sure buttons aren’t too close together so that you don’t mash one when you intend to hit the other.

Joe (the Digg dev who coded the project) and I started from Joe Hewitt’s excellent proof of concept and then adapted the javascript and the rest of the code. We’re using jQuery (thanks to the jQuery team for their assistance) to render the sliding effects to mimic a ‘real’ iPhone application’s functionality.

Joe and I threw this together over the weekend with Kevin’s help storyboarding it. Good times were had. I’m really looking forward to messing around more with developing specifically for the iPhone. Fun fun fun. Can you tell I think it’s fun?

UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention is that page loading takes a long time on an iPhone. Actually sending and receiving a request over At&T’s slow network (when you’re not on wifi) is especially slow. So, we’re actually doing one larger load to bring in both the story list and the contents of the stories. Then you’ve only got one request (and we made sure it wasn’t huge) and you can browse the 10 stories on the page without loading again.

Update 2: Also see Joe’s write-up on some of the technical aspects of the Digg iPhone version

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The Google Phone by LG Electronics

LG Electronics, the world’s fifth-largest cell phone maker, unveiled a new model Wednesday, which offers the full services of Google, the global No. 1 search engine.

LG said the handset, dubbed LG-KU580, will hit European markets including Italy and France this week with a price tag of somewhere between $300 and $400.

“Google’s strong search services are just one click away with our phone as we put a hot key that directs users to Google services in a fraction of a second,” LG official Choi Je-wook said.

“In addition, the phone provides other Google services such as e-mail (G-Mail) and map-viewing (Google Earth). We hope this will be a grand slam,” Choi said.

Google’s applications have been embedded into cell phones before but this is the first time its big three features _ search, e-mail and mapping _ have all been incorporated into one.

The three services, originally designed for desktops and laptops, were transformed to be compatible with a cell phone with a 2-inch screen.

“We know Google services are not good for all cell phones due to screens being too small in comparison to a PC monitor, and mobile data transmission is too expensive,” Choi said.

“However, Google provides a mobile-specific service lineup. As a result, handset users will be able to enjoy a decent service,” he said.

On top of the Google applications, the LG handset enables people to place or receive a phone call while seeing the face of the user on the other end because it is based on the third-generation W-CDMA system.

Short for wideband code division multiple access, W-CDMA is the next-generation mobile telephony platform that is catching on across the world.

The phone boasts other peripheral devices such as a 2-megapixel camera, an MP3 player and Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between a cell phone and a headset through short-range radio frequencies.

It allows different devices to talk to each other and is based on low-cost transceiver microchips in a cell phone for communication with a headset.

Accordingly, users of Bluetooth handsets can talk on a cell phone or listen to music via a phone-incorporated MP3 player through a wireless headset.

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Google Contacts Partners: We will Continue to Allow Adult Monetization of Domains

In a reversal of Google’s policy regarding Adult monetization for domains, Google is contacting its partners and letting them know that adult domains will continue to be allowed in the Google Adsense for Domains program.

“We are committed to maintaining a positive experience for end users and advertisers, in addition to partners. We have determined that continuing to allow adult domains in the program will be beneficial for advertisers and users, and our domain partners. In the coming months, we will continue to improve our policy on the technical implementation of adult domains, but we will continue to allow adult domains in the program for the forseeable future.”

Google was planning to have Adult domains completely out of the advertising mix at the end of May. It looks like they have changed their mind.

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Google’s $100 Million Purchase of Feedburner - Confirmed

I recently had the chance to chat with someone close to the Google / Feedburner deal and they have said that we should see an announcement within 1-3 weeks on the details of the purchase. It looks like the deal will be for around $100 million and it will be an all-cash deal, with payment made within the first year. Google was smart in negotiating that the founders and other management key personnel stay with the company for a few years.

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No Comments Sells for $695,000 Euros

On the heels of’s $9.5million private sale, has been sold in the NICIT Auction for $695,000 Euros. This is the highest price ever paid for Germany’s .DE ccTLD.

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Rumor: Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo!

Microsoft Corp. is resuming its pursuit of search engine operator Yahoo Inc. that could help it better compete with Web search leader Google Inc., published reports said Friday.

Yahoo shares surged more than 18 percent in morning trading.

The New York Post reported Friday that Microsoft has asked Yahoo to enter formal negotiations for an acquisition that could be worth $50 billion. Yahoo’s market capitalization was about $38 billion on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal said executives of the two companies are looking at a merger or some other kind of matchup and said the talks appear to be early-stage discussions. It said the companies explored the idea of combining last year but the talks led nowhere.

The newspaper reports each cited unidentified people familiar with the situation.

Microsoft is feeling increasing pressure to compete with Google, which plans to beef up its portfolio with a $3.1 billion purchase of online advertising company DoubleClick Inc.

Microsoft currently trails both Yahoo and Google in the lucrative and growing business of Web search.

Google won a search advertising deal with AOL in 2005 that the Post said Microsoft wanted. In addition, Google is developing Web-based software that directly competes with Microsoft Office.

The Post story said Microsoft and Yahoo have held informal talks over the years and said Microsoft’s latest approach to Yahoo signals increased urgency.

Earlier this week, Yahoo said it would buy 80 percent of advertising exchange Right Media for $680 million, increasing its stake in that company to full control.

Yahoo shares surged $5.14, or 18.2 percent, to $33.32 in morning trading, while shares of Microsoft fell 57 cents to $30.40.

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Yahoo is Hot on Google’s Heels

Yahoo Inc. added another weapon in its high-stakes duel with its richer Internet rival Google Inc. this week by snapping up online advertising exchange Right Media Inc. for US$680 million (euro499.82 million).

Although the cash-and-stock price is well below the US$3.1 billion (euro2.28 billion) that Google recently agreed to pay for online ad distributor DoubleClick Inc., Right Media did not come cheaply for Sunnyvale-based Yahoo.

Last October, Right Media was valued at US$200 million (euro147 million) based on the US$40 million (euro29.4 million) that Yahoo paid to acquire a 20 percent stake in the privately held company at that time. Yahoo is now paying more than three times Right Media’s valuation just six months ago to gain full ownership of an exchange designed to make it easier for Web publishers to show what they have to sell to online advertisers.

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.TV Premium Sales Top $500k in Day 1, Launches

Demand Media, Inc., the next-generation web media company, and its wholly owned subsidiary and largest wholesale registrar, eNom , announced today .TV domain names sold in the first 24 hours of availability, totaled in approximately $500,000 in sales, not including those pending payment. The premium TLDs were released to market late Monday afternoon after a five-month hiatus, and are available at

Examples of premium domains that were sold in the first day of availability include:

The release of premium names on May 1st was timed in conjunction with the introduction of, the first integrated suite of proprietary social media tools that allows anyone to own, program, and share their own personal video-centric website with social networking features and content completely controlled by them. These tools are provided free with the purchase of a .TV domain name purchased through or through an eNom reseller.

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Social Media Power Brings Down Digg

The founders of – which has been rocked by an unprecedented user revolt over the release of an HD-DVD decryption code – accepted sponsorship from the organization behind HD-DVD last year.

Episodes of the DiggNation video show were sponsored by the HD DVD Promotion Group. DiggNation is produced by Revision3, a company run by Digg founders, Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose. Rose is also a co-host of the DiggNation show. The image below shows the HD DVD logo displayed at the beginning of one such episode.

During the past 24 hours, Digg administrators have apparently deleted dozens of stories which included references to the HD DVD decryption code. These included one story which appeared poised to become the most popular ever seen on Digg, with almost 16000 votes within 20 hours. Administrators have also apparently begun deleting stories criticizing their actions, and also banned numerous members – according to angry statements posted by Digg users on the site and elsewhere.
diggnation sponsored by hd dvd.jpg32 Dangerous Hex Digits

The 32 digit hexadecimal code can be used to make copies of HD DVD movies by using software such as BackupHDDVD. A number of websites and individuals have reported that they have been sent legal notices ordering them to remove the code from their servers. These notices have come from US lawyers representing the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator LLC (AACS LA). Digg itself has not yet issued any statement on the case or its legal situation (but see update 2 below).

Digg, one of the world’s fastest growing social networking sites, recently celebrated its one millionth user account – although the number of active contributors is believed to be considerably smaller than this figure.

All Digg content is submitted by users, who then vote for the stories they like. The company has made much of the community-administered aspect of the site. However, some users are now complaining that the recent events cast doubt on this.

Digg co-founder Jay Adelson has now made a comment regarding Digg’s position on the HD DVD code, at the official Digg blog.

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Digg is Down due to the HD DVD Fiasco

I just checked again tonight and Digg is down - did they pull the plug?

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Digg HD-DVD Decryption Code Meltdown

Tuesday night Digg is being flooded people digging stories that tell the Decrypt keycode for all HD-DVDs that are currently in production. Basically, this is the key that you need to copy HD DVDs. The even bigger piece of the story is that Digg has said they will ban your account if you Digg the story. So what does a group of thousands of Geeky-Diggers do? — Submit Digg upon digg about the Decreypt. Currently the top 10 stories range in number of Diggs from 6,500 - 4,000 and they are all about the HD DVD code decrypt.

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WICKED Wordpress Theme Generator - My New Favorite Tool

Yvo Schaap has created a WICKED Wordpress Theme Generator - literally allowing you to create a new WP theme on the fly.

If you’re like me…and short on time and dont want to mess with CSS - this would be a great tool to use if you pump out several wordpress sites over a weekend.

The Wordpress Theme Generator lets users create their own custom themes and layouts for Body Size, Sidebars, Menu and overall presentation; then download the files in Zip format for easy upload to their Wordpress blog.

Realtime features allow you to see what you’re making as you build it.

check it out

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Apple 2Q Profits Jump 88 Percent, Exceeding Analysts’ Forecasts

Apple Inc. blew past Wall Street expectations Wednesday, posting quarterly profits that jumped by 88 percent, fueled by strong sales of its iPod players and Macintosh computers.

In the first three months of the year, the Cupertino-based company said it earned $770 million, or 87 cents per share, up from $410 million, or 47 cents per share, in the year-ago period.

Sales were $5.26 billion, up 21 percent from $4.36 billion last year.

Analysts, on average, were looking for earnings of 64 cents per share on sales of $5.17 billion, according to a poll by Thomson Financial.

Apple said it shipped 1.5 million Macintosh computers and more than 10.5 million iPods during the quarter, representing a 36 percent growth in Macs and 24 percent growth in the music players.

“We are very pleased to report the most profitable March quarter in Apple’s history,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s chief financial officer.

The company said it expects revenue of about $5.1 billion and earnings per share of about 66 cents in the current quarter, which is the third in Apple’s fiscal year. Apple’s projections are actually lower than the forecasts Wall Street had before Wednesday.

Shares of Apple closed at $95.35, up $2.11, or about 2 percent, on the Nasdaq Stock Market, then leaped to $102.73 in after-hours trading.

At Wednesday’s closing price, the shares have gained about 11 percent this year, boosted partly by anticipation over Apple’s iPhone, the cellphone-iPod combination due to be released in June. Investors have largely remain unfazed by Apple’s stock options troubles, with industry analysts widely predicting Steve Jobs’ position at Apple will remain intact.

But legal experts say Jobs is still in legal limbo: An investigation by federal prosecutors continues and new accusations emerged Tuesday from the company’s former chief financial officer, alleging Jobs may have had a more significant role in the backdating of options than previously stated.

The new allegations came on the same day the former CFO, Fred Anderson, immediately settled his case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which filed backdating-related civil charges against Anderson and Apple’s former general counsel Nancy Heinen. The SEC did not charge any other individuals in the lawsuit and said it did not plan to pursue further action against Apple itself.

Apple’s board of directors, which includes former vice president Al Gore and Google Inc.’s CEO Eric Schmidt, issued a statement Wednesday saying it would not enter a public debate with Anderson. It also defended the conclusion of Apple’s internal probe last year that cleared Jobs and current management of any wrongdoing.

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Mobile Wallet Development is Expanding

There’s a really good article at the Washington Post regarding the banding together of several different telecom companies to build a mobile wallet application.

Consumers will be able to use a phone as a wallet or as an access card simply by waving it over a wireless reader — and in some cases punching a PIN number into the phone — similar to how travelers in Tokyo and London access public transport.
“After several fragmented initiatives, the mobile phone industry is now uniting around a single approach to enabling the mobile phone to be used, instead of cash or plastic credit card, at point of sale,” said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSM Association, the global trade association for cell phone operators.

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Southern California is now the United State’s 2nd largest Start-up activity center - surpassing New England.

Southern California is now the United State’s 2nd largest Start-up activity center - surpassing New England.

Venture capitalists invested $1.122 billion into Southern California companies during the first quarter, compared to only $984 million into the Northeast companies centered around Boston, according to VentureOne/Ernst & Young. See chart below

Money comes and goes but recently it’s been flowing into souther California and at a very quick pace. Each Quarter the numbers of VC capital are counted and they usally go in spurts, but recently there is a steady flow.

Here’s some of the numbers:

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